I’m a software developer for Chess.com and sometimes I write stuff. Drinking Caffeine provides my perspective on my industry.

First things first

I wrote a short series on how to become a better software developer. If you’re in the business of exchanging hours for text read by computers, you owe yourself this one. Mull over it and savor the details. Think about how it applies to your situation.

Nerd cred

You can’t take a developer seriously without at least a little bit of nerdery, right? Here’s some to get you started.

Now some fun stuff

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here are a few adventure-seeking stories.

  • Buying and Selling the iPhone 6 Plus - I had the grand idea of making a quick buck from reselling still-in-the-plastic iPhones. Here’s how that worked out for me (hint: not very).
  • 3 Days a Juror - The District Court of Tulsa County summoned me for jury duty. I lasted 3 days. Here’s how it went down.