Drinking Caffeine is an eclectic tech commentary by Martyn Chamberlin.

Martyn Chamberlin

Your Host

I’m Martyn Chamberlin, a Christ follower and software developer. I have an Associates of Science in Information Technology from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern State University. My days are filled writing software and solving real-world problems. This perspective is what drives the contents of Drinking Caffeine.


Drinking Caffeine is hosted on GitHub Pages using Hugo. Posts are written in VS Code.


Drinking Caffeine comes in different themes, which you may chose from here.

Apps & Projects

Most of the software I write is closed source and for others, but here are some viewable projects that I’ve worked on.

Yearly - Yearly is an iPhone app that lets you systematically read your Bible in a year, with daily readings from both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Distance - Distance is a tool that connects to Strava’s API and lets you know how far ahead or behind you are for a custom mileage goal in cycling or running for the current year.

You can see my GitHub page for other random things I’ve worked on, in various stages of bit rot.