When a user visits your web application, is it clear to them that you must’ve designed it on a Mac?

We say we use Macs because we deeply care about the user experience, but then all to often, we go and use those Macs to design web applications with UI / UX that could’ve been achieved using a Windows machine.

There are people out there right now building better websites using Windows than many with macOS. Developing on a Mac is not a guarantee that you’ll build something great. Your app’s polish is dependent first and foremost on your hand, not your paint brush. If you’re determined, achieving greatness apart from the Mac is within grasp.

Don’t hide behind the excuse that you can’t get your work done on anything other than macOS. Windows 10 has bash support, VSCode, Chrome, Slack, and iTunes. Most web developers don’t use any apps or software that are actually unique to the Mac.

If your Mac isn’t making a material difference in the quality of your output, you need to stop and ask yourself who you’re kidding. If your app is just as mediocre as everyone else’s, then you simply paid an awful lot of money for a pretty piece of aluminum. There’s one and only one person who’s benefiting from that aluminum.

Update 4-30-18: Maybe, just maybe, your Mac is allowing you to keep your sanity.